Recruitment Guides

Recruitment Guide (Rho Gam) Applications are live now! If you are interested in applying, apply here!

Recruitment Guides are assigned to different residence halls and off-campus groups to help the women go through the process. Recruitment Guides are women who apply to disassociate from their Chapters in order to ensure an easier Recruitment process. Recruitment Guides maintain contact with the women from when they register up until Bid Day. They are meant to serve as a role model and friend throughout the Recruitment process and even when it’s over.

Formal Recruitment 2018 Recruitment Guides:

Recruitment Guide Director: Emily Gatterdam
Recruitment Guide Director: Rachel Kitay
Abby Allen
Alex Ankrim
Elena Arida
Brittany Astles
Kayley Barno
Kristen Bienko
Felicia Bisconti
Katelyn Bixler
Alex Boustany
Lindsey Boyce
Kiersten Boyd
Ally Branigan
Emily Brant
Megan Brickman
Erika Bruce
Kennedy Cameron
Alexa Carlson
Madelyn Chapline
Tanner Clarke
Lucia Congeni
Nina Duerk
Madeline Dyer
Maddie Echeverria
Johanne Egeland
Elizabeth Ellis
Hannah Engler
Brenna Fellows
Rena Ferrara
Alexandra Ford
Abby Frooman
Victoria Geiger
Margo Geppert
Molly Gibson
Rachel Gordon
Missy Griest
Haley Guggenheim
Caroline Hendy
Leah Hetrick
Christine Kausel
Bertha Kim
Victoria Klee
Stephanie Lange
Athina Lawson
Anna Ling
Abby Loeffler
Madie Manassa
Sophie Marion
Kate Marlette
Emilia Martin
Molly Matthews
Samantha May
Susie Mignogna
Kate Miller
Connie Morino
Megan Musachio
Michelle Nagy
Abby Nelson
Alayna Nelson
Megan Novotney
Maggie O’Hare
Lauren Page
Lucy Pollock
Liddy Potts
Meredith Rintoul
Lauren Rubino
Leah Sadinski
Julia Saltzman
Eleanor Schmalz
Andie Simon
Sam Smith
Maddie Sulewski
Caroline Swain
Nikki Tecco
Emily Thomas
Emily Thompson
Natalie Uzee
Victoria Vinci
Emily Winson
Claire Wittenberg
Kristen Zulliger